Frances Barry, LMFT
Frances Barry, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #106509


Child Therapy

Every child should have the opportunity to experience a childhood with happy memories, allowing them to develop curiosity about themselves and their world. Sometimes, a child needs additional support to learn new coping skills to help them better adapt to daily frustrations or distressing life events.

Tween Therapy

Navigating the path between childhood and adolescence can be anxiety provoking for a tween who is feeling the pressures of increased academic demands and more complicated friendships. Having someone with whom they can talk, outside of the family circle, can ease the path to independence and help a tween to develop in a healthy way.

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence can be exciting and confusing for a teenager. As adolescents gravitate to independence, their family interactions lessen and their peers become their confidants. During this time of change, the additional support of a therapeutic environment can be very helpful.

Family Therapy

Building and maintaining a healthy family can be challenging. In family therapy, I will help you develop new skills to respond to difficult family situations in healthier ways.

Adult Therapy

Adulthood is not always what we hoped it would be. We may have achieved all of our goals yet still feel unsatisfied or we may have fallen short of our expectations. I can be an empathetic fellow traveler on your journey of discovery and increased self-awareness, helping you to change, from whom you are today to whom you want to become tomorrow.

Couples Therapy / Co-parenting

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship. Conflicts are neither bad nor good. How they are managed can lead to positive or negative consequences. In couples therapy, a supportive climate allows you to test and learn new communication and conflict resolution skills.